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Environmental Health

The Sanitarians here at the Fayette County Health Department work hard to ensure our local restaurants are clean, practicing safe  food handling and abiding by the most up to date Food Code. They also do much more to help protect the health of Fayette County residents and visitors. Our sanitarians play a huge role in two events (Bridge Day & Boy Scout Jamboree) here in Fayette County, as well as many other fairs and festivals. Please use the following links to explore and access Environmental Health forms and Inspections.

Food Establishments

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Septic Systems

Water Wells

New Proposed Environmental Rates


All formal complaints that are received by the Fayette County Health Department are taken seriously. In order for a complaint to be investigated by Fayette County Health Department Sanitarians, it needs to be formal. To make a formal complaint please complete a SG- 51 form and submit it to the Health Department, or fill out the online form below.

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